Thursday, 16 February 2017

Headlamp Xenon D2R replacement (Passenger side)


My left side HID Xenon bulb blew last evening.
managed to replace it and posting here to share replacing by DIY-ers.

This bulb is for low beam and high beam.

The symptom of the bulb deteriorating for me is as follows:
1. The light would light up normally but after some time of continuous running, it would not turn on.
2. The bulb would turn on again after switching off the light switch and switching on again.

As of last evening, the bulb would not switch on despite turning it off and on again.

Below is the schematic of the lamp setup.

Item 11 -
33116-S7A-J01 BULB, HEADLIGHT (D2R)(HID)JPY 19,045USD 173.14


1. Remove the snorkel to gain access to the environmental cap. 
This cap prevents dust and water from entering into the headlamp casing.  

2. The cap is the grey one seen above.

3. To access to the bulb, you need to remove the environmental cap by twisting and pulling outwards.
Twist the base anti clockwise to unlock from the bulb.
The bulb is held in place by 2 springs. 

The damaged bulb

Purchase and install

As at Feb 2017, the price i got was $125 per piece. I think there are cheaper ones out there, as i was busy, i did not have time to shop around. This is the price i got from one of the vehicle supply shops in my vicinity.

Specs is D2R
Bulb specification: XENON D2R 85V 35W

The bulb connector has a slot for twisting clockwise to lock into the holder.

1. Carefully place the bulb into the lamp slot. The piece of the rod will be below the bulb.
That is the glass bulb is above the metal rod.

2. Carefully secure the 2 spring that is designed to retain the bulb and hold it in place.

3. Carefully attach the holder base that is connected with the wiring to the bulb pin.

4. Twist clockwise to lock the holder base in place.

5. Tidy the wiring and cover the lamp unit with the environmental cap.

6. Turn on the light switch to check for connectivity.

Testing of bulb. It works.