Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bridgestone Adrenalin RE003

On the Stream 1.8X, this is my 2nd set of tires.

I have been wanting to try the RE001, RE002 series for quite a while already after hearing raving reviews on the radio.

Price for 4: $600
Production date WWYY: 5315
Start: ODO 142,633 km on Oct 25, 2016

Initial review on Feb 16, 2017
First installed Oct 25, 2016

I like the looks of the tire. It does look sleek and fierce. Very sporty look.
Wet handling is very good.
My previous cornering with the Goodyear Triple Assurance gives screeching sound. This tire did not. This must mean that the tire did not slip much during cornering.
Tire noise can be heard during driving.
Fuel economy is reduced compared with the Goodyear.

Overall I like this set of tires.

Previous Tires used

Goodyear Triple Assurance (Honda Stream) - Loved this set. Good mileage and wet grip

Nokian H 175/65R14 82H (Honda City) - Loved this set. Good wet grip
Yokohama Aspec A300 (Honda City) - Avoid. Lousy wet grip