Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Retiring the Goodyear Triple Assurance Max

16" Goodyear Assurance TripleMax

Price for 4: $580

Start: ODO 84,070 km on Apr 9, 2014
End: ODO 142,633 km on Oct 25, 2016
Usage: 58,563 km over 930 days (2Y 6M 16Days)

I love this set of symmetrical tires. 

The wet grip is very good and got me quite good fuel mileage.

I rotate them frequently, usually during oil change intervals.

The reason i retired this set of tires was because of a side wall bulge and rubber cracks at various locations. I fill these to 35 PSI (240 kPa). They looked tired after serving my family. Good bye!

Tires used
Nokian H 175/65R14 82H (Honda City) - Loved this set. Good wet grip
Yokohama Aspec A300 (Honda City) - Avoid. Lousy wet grip