Friday, 27 May 2016

Front & Rear wheel bearing

Applicable for Civic FD and Stream RN6/RN9 models

I have always wondered why the information for the wheel bearing is absent and cannot be found online.

Well here it is!

Front Wheel Bearing

The corresponding Honda part number is 44300-SDA-A52

It got these NTN bearing from my usual industrial bearing shop for less than $40/pc.

The NTN Box reference: AU1006-3LX2L/L588
The NTN marking on bearing inner race: AU1006-3 JAPAN 1406211828.

There is one side with magnetic coding for the ABS pick up.
You can see on the last photo where the magnet attracted a steel nail.
Be sure to orientate the bearing on the right side, else your efforts are wasted when assembling.

If you are keen to know the rear bearing, look below.

NTN HUB 215-8
Corresponding Honda part no. 42200-SJF-951