Saturday, 7 May 2016

Clearing airbag light via MES

The airbag light on the dash came on.

It was later found to be the lose resistor legs that is in airbag connector in the steering wheel.

As the circuit is opened during normal driving, the airbag code is logged in the SRS system.

The following is about clearing the code via the MES connected located below the driver side dash, near the fuses.

It is a yellow 2 pin connector.

The yellow connector is plugged into 'MES'. MES is short for Memory Erase Signal.

The following bulletin is attached purely for information.
The user is doing so at his own risk if he decides to execute the procedure.

BULLETIN << Download here

The bulletin is self explanatory.

In absence of the required Honda plug, shorting can be done with 2 wires.
Take care not to damage the female connector if your wire gauge size is too large.

The video shows the closing and opening of the wires in the 2 pin MES circuit.