Friday, 22 April 2016

ATF oil - drain & refill and filter renewal

The last time i changed the AFT filter & fluid was

ODO 91,488 km
Jul 20, 2014



ODO 132,190 km ........ 40,702 km since last change.
Apr 22, 2016


The recommended ATF drain and fill interval is 80,000 km.
I prefer to half that interval.

Additional info:
The total fluid in the tranny is 5.9L.
Drain and fill is 2.5L approximate which is less than half the total amount.
That means old fluid is still in suspension. 
Hence this is a maintenance dose since not all of the old fluid is changed out.
No harm to the transmission, only if metal filings are seen in the fluid which means the transmission is wearing out. 

Afterall motor oil is changed every 10,000 km or twice every year.
The AFT should receive attention as well to maintain the additive integrity due to heat in the transmission.

There was no mention of the AFT filter interval.
I guess it is not as easily serviceable as the spin on filter for oil change.
And it is painful to change the filter.


Time required: 2-3 hrs
Difficulty: Moderate. The ATF hoses are in awkward position to unclamp.

Items & Tools needed:

ATF-DW1 x 3 1L bottles ($10/L)
ATF Filter x 1 pc 25430-PLR-003 ($28/pc)

3/8 box spanner (This opens the ATF drain plug)
No.10 Box socket (To remove air filter box)
Philips Screw driver (Slack the screw near throttle/butterfly valve)
Flat head Screw driver (Pry the rubber hoses)
Wrench (Slack the ATF hoses & un-grip the hose clips)
Funnel with a long neck

The draining of AFT is relative straightforward.
It drains about 2.5L

Open the hood, remove the airbox.

The AFT filter is located behind the engine, above the transmission.
Undo the no. 10 bolt that clamps the filter in place.

Here is the old filter.

At the same time, you can peek at the throttle body.
It opens via the accelerator foot pedal. Never pry open with finger or tools.
You can use a weighted item to depress and hold the pedal open if you want to clean the throttle body with cleaner.

Afterwards check level and have drive around.

The dip stick has 2 levels. Cold and Hot.
The fill uses about 2.5L, top up where necessary.