Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Vtec Spool Cleaning (Post from the Past)

At owner's own risk of attempting cleaning

Steps below are only for illustration for my own servicing.

For parts, get from Honda stockist.

This is the VTEC spool valve

Unless engine is sludged and the user does engage VTEC at the required rpm (approx 5000 to 6500 rpm) will the ECU divert the solenoid valve to divert oil into the VTEC cams.

You can say that in normal D mode, rarely does the VTEC gets engaged in everyday driving.

 The spool valve is held in place by 3 bolts.

There is one bolt on the body holding the electrical connector cable.

The rubber gasket and strainer is one set. It is easily removed.

The bigger bolt is removed.
Sludge is removed using a carb spray.

The soldnoid is held by two bolts at the top.

The lifters are sprayed and o rings renewed (using my own o rings).
These o rings are just seals and will not see any rubbing.

The insides are cleaned.

Ready for re-assembly.
Oil is applied onto the 3 o rings before assembly.

These are the oil ports on the engine block near the cams.

Summation of experience on self vehicle maintenance

I service my own car.
These are my findings after 3 years of ownership.

Do a Vacuum test. It is simple and reliable enough to pin point deficiencies.
Most workshops here don't do it. They like to guess-ti-mate. Owner keep spending...

Here is a good write up on the chart above

If you own an older car, tune the intake and exhaust valve lash (clearance).
Again, the vacuum test can verify the correctness of the valve tuning.
Worn / Out of alignment valve tune can result in sluggish power & use more fuel per run.

Change oxygen and air sensors.
It is part of wear and tear component. Life span about 100k km, same as spark plug.
These sensor are part the combustion computation feedback vs air & fuel for e-throttling.

Clean MAF and renew air filters together during regular 10k or half yearly Oil Change Interval (OCI)
Maintain good tire pressure. Preferred 35-36PSI.

Non critical replacements
Spark plug type not critical.
Engine oil brand not critical. Viscosity maintain at least 30. Or 40 for older engines.
ATF oil change needed if the magnetic sump plug attracts A LOT of metal or color is not bright red.
Either way, seeing a lot of metal deposit means transmission is in trouble!!
Throttle (butterfly valve) no need to clean.
Don't ever flush the oil system.

Most importantly, as an experienced mechanic once told me....
Change each variable ONE at a TIME.
So when problem surfaces, you can identify and fix it.

As you can see, most mechanics don't like what i say cos they make minimum out from me.

Enjoy your drive!

Here are some useful tips/url for self maintenance owner

Metric spanner & 3/8" drive box spanner, Allen wrench - Get from Daiso. Cheap!

Honda Workshop Manuals

Tip: Select the similar year & engine type from the Honda Civic list

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