Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Central Locking Passenger Side Replacement

This is a replacement of the passenger side central locking mechanism.

This is the motor mechanism controlling the locking.

I went the a vehicle scrap shop today to look for the central locking for my left door which was faulty.

Of course, I tested the wiring with multimeter prior to this. This isolated the problem to the motor only. The wires were still delivering the electricity to trigger, only the motor was faulty.

The central left locking mechanism was purchased.
The locking button cable was found to be faulty later on while installing, but it can be easily transplanted from the faulty unit.

The personnel from the scrap shop tested the unit to be working :)

Before installing I needed another tool which i purchased from a hardware shop for $8.50.
A made in Taiwan impact (Screw) driver. This is to open the 3 countersunk screws at the side.

The plastic door framing can be easily pried open using a flat head screw driver.

To release the plastic framing, there are 2 screws at the inside door (pull to open) handle and another screw at the recessed area below it. Simply lift the plastic flap to reveal the screw.

Then proceed to pry open with a flat head screw driver.

The vehicle was resprayed before, so the plastic and glue were not in good condition. I taped it up to prevent water from seeping through.

This is the plastic frame. 
The plastic frame has a power window switch socket. It has to be removed to release the frame for easier work access.

The top cable is my original. The bottom is the replacement unit. It looks shorter so i cannot use it. It seemed broken to be honest.
 Unplug the power supply to the central locking mechanism. There is another steel hinge inside which you can free it by simply pushing it down. This is for usage of the door handle outside the door.

Undo the three countersunk screws with an impact (Screw) driver. Then undo the screw near the plug.

Then try to manoeuvre it out because it sits in an L shaped access

You can undo the cap which houses the cables. You only need to do this and not touch the other part below if the cable if in good condition.

There are plastic holding caps which holds the cable ends. The locking knob is adjustable while the other is fixed. This step is only required if you need to adjust the cable length so it slides freely during opening and locking by the motor.

Afterwards, reverse the order to install the lock mechanism.
Remember to test before fitting the housing back.
Remember the power window socket too!

It is about a half hour job :)

Left side central locking mechanism $100
Impact (Screw) driver $8.50

Enjoy diy!