Thursday, 5 November 2015

Turn the steering.....Tick Tick Tick.... Why?

I confess I was quite worried it could be a failing steering rack and pinion.
That can be quite expensive.

The sound comes on when turning on the spot, usually during parking or manoeuvring only.

Later I found out it was the bearings inside the mounting bracket.

Plastic bearings.

The plastic bearings collar sits nicely into the bracket mount.

Anyways, to diagnose correctly, try to feel for vibration when turning the steering full lock side to side to isolate the vibration/sound. For my case, it is the right side.

Tip: Its best to have someone to assist when trying to isolate the noise.

As seen, in the top most photo, part of the collar is worn off, probably due to rubbing. This bearing actually rotates with the spring and shock absorbers together. Hence when it is faulty, it rubs against the mounting body, giving the clicky noise.

I wonder.... why is the bearing made of plastic?

The replacement job requires two components:
1. Tool - Coil spring compressors.
2.  Wheel alignment after replacing faulty parts.
I decided to let the car mechanic do this job since i don't have the tools to do so.

 This job took 1.5 hrs for both sides to be replaced and renewed.
Coil spring compressors