Monday, 14 September 2015

2nd Tank

Here are the second set of results of the fuel usage after cleaning the Air-Fuel sensor.
The first tank yielded 671 km on 51 ltr of fuel. 

Vehicle setup

Stock setup - Honda Stream RN6 - Compact MPV
Similar engine to some Honda Civic: R18A - 1.8 L Auto
Motor Oil:  Shell Helix 5w-40
Fuel: Caltex 92
Tire: Goodyear Triple Max, Pressure between 32 to 36 PSI

On this second tank, the car yielded 683.5 km on 48.086 ltr of fuel.

To compare more accurately, the data from the Low Fuel Lamp will be used as the total distance can be stretched till the tank is really empty.

On 1st tank, the LFL litted up at 646.7 km
Today's tank, the LFL litted up at 642.4 km

Hence i can say that the consumption has been quite constant for these 2 tanks after cleaning the Air-Fuel sensor, which gave the engine better fuel economy.

My previous results 

This is the photo of the 2 sensors. On the left is the post Catalytic convertor Oxygen sensor.
On the right is the pre-cat Air-Fuel sensor.

As you can see, the Oxygen sensor face is rather clean since it is far away from the exhaust manifolds and sees little additive contamination when compared to the Air-Fuel sensor.

Condition of Oxygen sensor & Air Fuel sensor at end of 2nd tank
This is all made possible by the very cheap and sturdy sensor socket i ordered from Ebay.
US$5 China made 1/2 inch sensor socket. Very solid construction. Price includes postage. Cool!