Friday, 21 August 2015

Reversing a downward trend, after using Redline Fuel System Cleaner

I am looking for a solution. Why is my mileage looking poor?

Vehicle setup

Stock setup - Honda Stream RN6 - Compact MPV
Similar engine to some Honda Civic: R18A - 1.8 L Auto
Motor Oil:  Shell Helix 5w-40
Fuel: Caltex 92
Tire: Goodyear Triple Max, Pressure between 32 to 36 PSI

Since after using the Redline Fuel System cleaner, my mileage has been steadily performing poorly.

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As mentioned (from my previous post), I suspect the build up deposits found at the upstream Air-Fuel sensor may have contributed to the poor mileage. Likely incorrect values were transmitted to the vehicle ECU and incorrect amount of fuel output is sent.

Side note - My tool gave way. Hence evaluation of the downstream sensor will be done after acquisition of a new socket removal arriving in a few weeks time.

The whitish residual is reportedly from the use of ADDITIVES. 

Aug 20, 2015
I have been off the Redline cleaner for 4 tanks now.

I am happy with the cleaning results but not in the department of fuel economy.
After 7 tanks later, i decided to crack open the Air-Fuel AF sensor (again) to clean.

Always use safety equipment to protect yourself when handling heated / corrosive / oxidising agents

I took the AF sensor and dipped into strong acid for a few seconds each time and flushed well with water. Thereafter, shop air was used to dry the probe area. The acid removed the white residuals beautifully.

Vinegar can be used from some forums i researched.
I tried deposit removal using a blow torch, but it is not a safe method. 
Photo of used sensors - Results after application of flame in attempt to remove deposits
This was experimented on my previous sensors.

Here is the (acid washed) sensor after 1 day of use.

A new coat of copper slip was placed onto the thread and installed, everytime.

The sensor was working, verified using the OBD scanner after the warm up, about 10 minutes into the drive.

The trip computer reported fuel consumption steadily improved starting at 11 kpl to 12.4 kpl after 30 minutes of driving 24+ km. On the second day, the trip computer reported an increase to 12.9 kpl

Cleaning one sensor at a time will reveal the impact of individual sensor and their effect to fuel economy.

Expectation from cleaning AF sensor: If the fuel consumption does improve, then i can confidently say that the additive or dislodged deposits did clog up the sensor probe.

No doubt, the Redline Fuel System Cleaner does its job well at cleaning. However the sensor probe residual must be removed to restore the performance after usage of additives, even when label says it is sensor safe.