Friday, 28 August 2015

Results after Air Fuel sensor cleaning

Results from cleaning Air-Fuel sensor

Update 29/Aug/2015: Final mileage 14 kpl vs 12 kpl

Vehicle setup

Stock setup - Honda Stream RN6 - Compact MPV
Similar engine to some Honda Civic: R18A - 1.8 L Auto
Motor Oil:  Shell Helix 5w-40
Fuel: Caltex 92
Tire: Goodyear Triple Max, Pressure between 32 to 36 PSI

In the last post,  the Air-Fuel sensor had white deposits on its probe.

I had them cleaned. The mileage has improved tremendously.

You can find the previous article here:

Expectation from cleaning AF sensor: If the fuel consumption does improve, then i can confidently say that the additive or dislodged deposits did clog up the sensor probe.

No doubt, the Redline Fuel System Cleaner does its job well at cleaning. However the sensor probe residual must be removed to restore the performance after usage of additives, even when label says it is sensor safe.

The reported mileage from the trip computer crept upwards, first from 11 kpl till 13.7 kpl (today).

I still have a bar left of fuel. Surpassing 632.4 km (Jun 29 record) for this tank should be fairly doable.

Hence, clearing the air-fuel sensor did yield positive results

It also meant that additive deposits can be removed from the sensors with success. 


 There, a marked improvement after cleaning the Air-Fuel sensor.

Now, i wonder if cleaning the oxygen sensor (it is located after the Catalytic converter) will yield significant results.