Thursday, 30 July 2015

Post Mortem of Redline Fuel System Cleaner


Redline SI-1 fuel system cleaner was added in half bottles @ 220ml to each tank fills.
The experiment started on May 30, 2015 with 220 ml added to tank. Another 220 ml was added on Jun 9, 2015 and two maintenance doses of 50 ml was added.

Vehicle setup

Stock setup - Honda Stream RN6 - Compact MPV
Similar engine to some Honda Civic: R18A - 1.8 L Auto
Motor Oil:  Shell Helix 5w-40
Fuel: Caltex 92
Tire: Goodyear Triple Max, Pressure between 32 to 36 PSI

In this chart, the mileage has dropped despite the piston head became cleaner.

The mileage peaked at 14.70 km/L on Jun 9, 2015. It dipped afterwards.
I made a decision to stop the maintenance dose on Jul 12, 2015 and decidedly investigate what could have caused the dip.

With everything being same, I decided to clean the MAF sensor again, but the mileage remained lower.

I pulled the Air-Fuel sensor that sat next to the exhaust ports and found white deposits which is evidently from the use of additives, it settles onto the probe. Perhaps this is the cause of slight dip in mileage as the vehicle computer has some errors from computation with the deposits.

Yes, Redline says the SI-1 is safe with sensors. But i would like to see if the results says otherwise.

Hence i am running the remaining tanks without Redline SI-1 to evaluate if the exhaust gases can clear away the white deposits, restoring the sensor's sensitivity again to gain 700 km per tank of fuel.

Update: Jul 29, 2015
The engine oil is changed at 115,668 km with a new filter in.
Last oil change at odometer 104,500 km.
I have run the oil to 11,168 km (6,939 miles).

The oil is rather clean with no residual smell of the Redline cleaner.

My oil:
Synthetic Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40.
Qty: About 4 litres into the engine and 100 ml into the oil filter.