Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner SI-1 Review

Update #1 May 30, 2015
Added 220 ml of Redline SI-1 to 49.72 L of Caltex 92 with Techron. Odometer at 111,753 km.

Update #2 Jun 9, 2015
Added 220 ml of Redline SI-1 to 49.47 L of Caltex 92 with Techron. Odometer at 112,480 km.

Adjusted fuel received adding 0.22L as SI-1 was added to total vol.
Update #3 Jun 19, 2015
Added 50 ml of Redline SI-1. Odometer at 113,166 km.

The medicine bottle (material HDPE - High-density polyethylene) holds well and does not disintegrate.


Since Techron is priced out of my budget, i decided to try and review this product.

Redline SI-1 has the same PEA that removes carbon built up but concentration may vary from Techron.

I am not sponsored by the product manufacturers. 
I share what works with evaluation of actual results.

First drafted on May 24, 2015

Price wise the 15 fl.oz (443 ml) Redline SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner is priced at S$16~17.
The 12 fl.oz (354 ml) Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner is priced at S$21.80.

It is a gain of 89 ml and savings of $4.80, why not for the budget conscious.

Redline SI-1 has Polyether amine (PEA) which is the ingredient for removing carbon.
In the 2013 MSDS, the PEA content is reported to be 30~39.9% by weight. MSDS Redline SI-1

In 2008, the PEA is reported as 30 ~ 50%.

Attached link is the working of PEA. Tech Info SI-1

1. Keeping the valve cleaning continually; and
2. Further removal of carbon from the piston crown.

My fuel of choice will still be the Regular Caltex 92 with Techron.

The cleaner will be added after about 5,000 km of fresh oil change and i will do an oil change when the oil spans at 10~12k km.

Total bottles used = 2

Bottle ONE

I will do 2 x 1 bottle half doses @ 220ml each for the 1st and 2nd tank refill.

Bottle TWO

Thereafter i will dose 50 ml for every tank, about 9 times.
This will last till my next oil change as you can see in my illustration below.

(Assumption my vehicle refills every 600 km @47 L of fuel. Figures may vary.)

First half bottle dose @ 5,000 km on May 30, 2015
Second half bottle dose @ 5,600 km on Jun 9, 2015
Maintenance dose#1 50 ml @ 6,200 km on Jun 19, 2015
Maintenance dose#2 50 ml @ 6,800 km
Maintenance dose#3 50 ml @ 7,400 km
Maintenance dose#4 50 ml @ 8,000 km
Maintenance dose#5 50 ml @ 8,600 km
Maintenance dose#6 50 ml @ 9,200 km
Maintenance dose#7 50 ml @ 9,800 km
Maintenance dose#8 50 ml @ 10,400 km
Maintenance dose#9 50 ml @ 11,000 km
Oil and filter change @ 11,600 km, << Evaluation by boroscope and comments

I do not evaluate the PEA straight after one tank because i believe it works best over time, allowing the additive to sit and soak onto the carbon rather than running it straight at high revs or on ONE long drive.

Also, i believe the dose of one 15 fl.oz (443 ml) bottle is too strong and to be on the safe side, i prefer to under dose. Also i know that my valves are already clean through the boroscope evaluation previously that my valves are already quite clean from the use of Chevron / Caltex fuel dosed with Techron and my previous use of Techron Concentrate Plus.
(Again, it is a pity it is priced so high compared with the US)

How i arrive at the maintenance doses
I aim for conservative maintenance doses

Recommendation 15 fl.oz treats 100 gal fuel

where 15 fl.oz is 443.6 ml : 100 gal is 378.54 L

Calculated >>> 1ml : 0.8533 L

For my vehicle, i pump between 47 to 50 L, hence my doses would vary between
53.0 ml : 45 L
58.6 ml : 50 L

But for economical and usage purposes, i will portion to 9 doses for 1 bottle of 15 fl.oz cleaner at about 50 ml per dose. I dosed it lower than the 58.6 ml as the fuel already has minimal amount of Techron.

8 dose portions @ 55.45 ml ea.
9 dose portions @ 49.28 ml ea.

I will update this post as and when i do the pours.