Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Disc brake job, eliminate squeals & size slider pins

Tools needed
Spanner No. 14
Spanner No. 19
Anti Seize Compound
High Temperature Silicon based grease
Brake cleaner  /Contact cleaner
Thread lock (if available)

Step 1 
Crack wheel bolts, lift vehicle on jack and remove wheel

Full lock wheel to gain access to brake caliper bolts.
Use spanner #14 and #19 

Step 2
Remove the brake pads. 

Pads are easy to know when to replace when the brake wear indicator gives off a high pitch shrilling noise when it touches the rotors.

Crack open caliper frame bolts, spanner #17

Step 3
Disassemble brake caliper frame, slider pin, pads holder.

A thing to note about the slider pins.
The top pins are round
The bottom pins are faced at 120 degrees.

Photo Left
Top slider pin (part no. Pin B 45262-S0K-A01)
Diameter: 10.63 mm

Photo Right
Bottom slider pin (part no. Pin A 45235-S0K-A01)
Diameter max. 10.80 mm
Diameter min. 10.64 mm

The bottom slider pin is bigger than the round top slider pins.
Seems like it is designed to hold the grease in place.

Step 4
Clean out the slider pin housing.

The measured diameter of the slider pin housing is 11 mm.

Initially i was concerned that the slider pins had too much play in them.

But i figured out that these pins must hold adequate silicon grease.
Add too much, the pins cannot push in because of airlock.

When enough grease is in, the pins do not play as much.
This is the damping effect.

Tip: Use a thin, clean, long stick to apply grease into the holes.
Coat the slider pins with grease and assemble after cleaning.

Slip the rubber boots back into the caliper housing.

Step 5
Check rotor wear against manufacturer specifications.

Rotors have wear  tolerance specified by manufacturers.

My measured thickness is 23 mm

In our case, it is written:
Rotor standard size: 23 mm
Rotor replacement <= 21 mm

Data taken from Brembo 09.A455.14

Assemble brake caliper.
Coat the pads ad holder with anti seize paste.

All bolts must be bone dry when assembling.
Do not apply grease.
If you wish, thread locker can be applied.

Test brakes before journeying out.