Saturday, 9 May 2015

Photos from the past - Sludge motor

This set of photos were from last year 2014.

There was severe oil sludge build up found in the motor.

Just to say that all is not lost, just needs a lot of love and tender care, the motor returns the favour surpassing 700 km.


There were a lot of varnish and sludge. 
I did what i could without allowing the bits to drop further into the crankcase.

You can see a lot of thick oil sludge here. I soaked these in solvent but it did not go away easily.
It had to be manually removed. I doubt engine flush would work for this.

It was a gung-ho attitude to remove the rocker arms and cleaning them individually.

In the process of removing, i thought i lost two rocker arm lock pins for the VTEC actuation.

The pin is for the VTEC actuation, to lock the normal rockers. 


Washing in solvants did not remove the varnish.


It is actually therapeutic to touch the motor and D-I-Y yourself.