Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dose of Techron in fuel vs manual dosing of Techron Concentrate in fuel

This piece of nugget of information is quite informational

The manual dose of Techron Concentrate plus is 16 time stronger than the dose in ready sold fuel.

You can read about my trial of Techron here

Ready sold fuel ratio 1 oz : 16 US Gal (1 ml Techron : 2048 ml fuel)

Techron prescribed dose 355 ml to 45 L (1 ml Techron : 127 ml fuel)
   12 fl.oz for 12 US Gal of fuel
   12 fl.oz is 355 ml, 12 US Gal is about 45.42 L

2048 / 127 = 16.1259842519685 times

The following below information is found on amazon's review

on April 9, 2012
Size: 20 Ounce
It appears that Chevron Techron works in some engines and not in others. Claims that "It doesn't work" or "It is a fraud" are absurd and should be dismissed out of hand. Sadly, on the other end of the spectrum some folks lead one to believe Techron fixes everything and that too is hard to swallow.

In my own experience using Mexican Pemex Magna grade for tens of thousands of miles, my Mitsubishi 3.0L engine gradually becomes obnoxious. Rough idle which vibrates the rear view mirror, hesitation, and stalling. Highway mileage becomes a joke; down from 28 mpg on the same route used dozens and dozens of times, to 22. A full tuneup from spark plugs, to rotor and cap did nothing except waste my time and money.

Three times the degradation occurred and three times I managed to find Techron (At Costco Warehouses in Acapulco and Morelia). I added one bottle to 16 gallons of Magna and it did not work immediately; it took almost 100 miles of highway driving for the engine performance to start noticeably improving. But improve it did and the original crisp throttle response returned, the idle roughness took a hike and mileage returned to 28.

I sure wouldn't buy a carton of six to try it out, but let's face it, with the cheapest gasoline at close to four dollars a gallon in the USA and three dollars a gallon in Mexico, a tryout of Techron is going to cost about the same as a double burger meal at a fast food joint.

A chat with a Chevron engineer revealed Chevron refineries add the eqvt of 1 oz of Techron per 16 gallons in their regular and premium gasoline. When i am in the states and use Chevron gasoline I do not need Techron. It would be a waste of money.

I've blown the same amount of money or more (than the cost of a bottle of Techron) too many times on an admission ticket to a bad movie. I sure didn't march out and dial up the director and complain. But I'm sure as heck not going to pay to see that movie again.

Try it. If it doesn't change your car's performance, at least it'll have blasted a lot of carbon out of the cylinders. But I'll bet that happens in only a very small percentage of trials.


From Caltex site, Techron Concentrate dose is 10 times more than Techron in fuel