Saturday, 16 May 2015

Boroscope the pistons & valve. Review spark plugs and injectors.

Update May 21, 2015
For my purchase of Techron from USA and due to classification of fuel system cleaners as dangerous cargo, it cannot be shipped into Singapore via normal courier.

Hence the use and review of Techron Concentrate Cleaner fuel system cleaner will deviate.

Update Jun 23, 2015
I am now reviewing the Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner SI-1


Dated: May 15, 2015
Vehicle age: 7 years
Odometer: 110,775 km

First for convention purposes, i will count the unit #1 from left to right (near the spark plugs and exhaust manifold)

This is for record keeping and comparison for the use of Techron with PEA cleaner usage to decarbonise the engine parts.

One other concern is that the Cleaner must be Oxygen and Air/Fuel sensors safe.
Contamination of these two sensors will upset the fuel economy altogether.

Also, the BMW cleaner is the Techron Concentrate Plus. So i am giving it a try.

The last time Techron was used: 
6844 km ago @ odometer position 103,931 km

For convention purposes, the positions are numbered in red
Motor Photo for illustration only

A. Here is the view of the Pistons seen through the spark plugs

Piston 1 is at top dead centre TDC position - no photo

Piston 2

Piston 3

Piston 4
The carbon bits looked soft, and perhaps easily removed over time.

B. Here is the view of the intake valves seen through the fuel injectors

Valve 1 viewed from piston space

As seen, the areas where fuel is sprayed, it has a clean aluminium surface.
Valve 1 viewed from Injector port
Valve 2 viewed from Injector port

Valve 3 viewed from Injector port

Valve 4 viewed from Injector port
Still waiting for the stock of Techron to arrive from USA.
The recommendation was to dose every 5,000 km

C. Review spark plugs and injectors

The NGK ZFR6K-11S is clean and dry, which is good.
As threads were previously applied with anti seize compound, it was easy to remove.

The tips are in very good condition after 25,183 km (after about 1 year)

Model:     NGK ZFR6K-11S 

The injectors have a bit of gunk similar to the deposits found in the combustion chamber space.

Injector 1

Injector 2

Injector 3
Injector 4

A video of the injector holes